Unboxing Hot Wheels gran turismo pack

What's up hot wheelers today we have a sealed Hot Wheels gran turismo pack. It says it contains 12 pieces but the Hot Wheels Gran Turismo Set only has eight total for the whole set. Probably have some doubles in here and hopefully we have the complete set. I don't even know if it's going to include the complete set.

Hot Wheels gran turismo cars set unvoxing pack

Nicely packed inside of there take them out one by one here:

Ford GT LM
  Ford GT LM
  This one's like a matte finish on it as well it's kind of a matte black color cool-looking wheels though and look at that big rear wing on it a big Gran Turismo logo on the roof of it and look at that side and markings lots of different markings are they. at the other white lip wheel as well which is kind of cool. Big diffuser in the back as well.

Jaguar xj220
  This was a sweet car has the Gran Turismo on there as well and this is like painted on number 41 big chrome wheels on there beautiful looking machine.

Dodge Viper srt-10
  Viper those nice big chrome wheels the red stripe on there Gran Turismo logo on the side awesome looking Viper.

Pagani soirée
Pagani soiree awesome looking car. Look at that beauty and I've got the water in several other different colors this one looks awesome. Love those blacked out wheels and nothing that shows that it's Gran Turismo at least that I see it's got a kind of a unique paint job on it. Though if you look at that kind of speck on it you can see but otherwise Oh nope it does have the Gran Turismo right there and you can see that kind of cool paint job on there as well.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4
  It's kind of like a tangerine orange color, number 4 on the hoods wit gran turismo logo small on there.

Nissan Skyline GTR R32
  This one's got those white rimmed right trimming, wheels with the blacked out. Grant turismo logo is really small on there.

Aston Martin one-77
  I guess one thing common occurrence is where is the Gran Turismo logo on it but there it is on the side. Silver body colors with those gray wheels and it's a very metallic paint speckled paint, got some different markings.

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570 Superleggera
  Lamborghini looks great, lime Keaney Superleggera great details to this one, better detail than the standard ones, black wheels, orange paint job and Gran Turismo logo.


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