How to Assemble the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

I’m here to show you the quick and painless tutorial on how to assemble the ultimate Hot Wheels garage place up so let's just flip this box over, use the perforated edge pop over the package.

Before we start building we suggest placing batteries, three double A batteries and a small screwdriver. If you don't have them handy, we're just about ready to start building it's easier to apply the numbered stickers on these platform floors before assembly.

Stickered all the pieces I've laid all the pieces out into three distinct zones. Just like it's called out in the instructions we have zone 1 zone 2 and 3.

how to build hot eheels ultimate garage
Start with zone 1.
Here which is the base I'm going to grab a tower here and then behind the building over here. There's another spot, next we're going to grab the actual levels and you want to grab level 1 first and put it at the base and should hear an audible snap here - and then for added stability is read tower that is going to go right in the back then each level will pop right into place next let's add the sign.

You're going to snap this piece in right here, there's going to slide right into place okay now the last step in zone 1 is I'm going to attach all the pieces. That build the walls and structures of your city.

Lastly let's snap in the elevator pieces that connect right to these white pieces that stick off your towers. We've just completed zone one and now we're off to zone to finish this garage we'll start off with this great water piece here and it's going to snap in with our awesomely large Tower click snap and then your other large water piece is also going to connect to the base of the set. We're going to grab our great shark and put him in the water and then the little exit ramp will snap on right next to our shark.

Next let's build this spiral track that's going to go around our green tower. First let's grab the track piece that looks like a.j, then we're going to connect it to this spirally piece. Over here you'll see those engraved arrows on this piece we want the arrows pointed downwards and they are going to connect into the track piece right here let's attach a blue connector to the end of your JPS.

I'm going to get this piece and I'm going to connect it on right here to spot number one on the top level. the next thing I'm going to do is start to connect it to the green Tower, along the extruded track I have gray pieces they're going to allow it to connect as I spiral this around the tower. I connect it all the different arms.

The last part of this spiral slide it on like so the same thing right next to it slide those on as well. Hatch this orange piece the end of the shorter section. We're going to flip this piece over and we're going to use our gray piece and snaps into place. We're going to take this whole piece, attach it to the spiral onto this green leg here snaps into place then we'll grab this other track section here, connect it on this gray piece here is going to allow you to connect to the base of the step we'll snap that in we'll connect the blue connector to the wave. here the other is going to snap down check out this red shark, here I'm going to pull its tail back get it ready to zones down one.

zone three

  • Let's start first with this gray piece, connect it to this quarter orange circle
  • connect blue connectors on the either side
  • connect this right in the last parking spot on the first run, into the bottom base over here
  • We get to build our Raceway
  • Grab one of our blue connectors again slide that on
  • grab gray piece snap them into place
  • grab one of our dual lane track pieces, connect it to the top
  • Gab two more of those blue connectors, connect them to the end of this piece.

Now we got our super long Raceway but we still need to finish we're going to grab this great red piece here it'll tell you who's the winner so red Lane one this side so I'm going to snap this piece into the base.

Your raceway is complete, time to add on the finishing touches so I'm going to pop these in on a different level well there you have it. congratulations everybody we've completed the ultimate garage and now it's time to load up your cars the ultimate garage has room for 36 hot wheels now the hot wheels garage is filled with your favorite Hot Wheels. it's time to take a few of them for a drag each different play own triggers different lights and sound effects your Hot Wheels garage can connect with other Hot Wheels tracks and playsets the sky's the limit when it comes to customizing your own garage now we're ready to break. this set down so we can store it away and play with it another time.


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