Hot Wheels Monster Trucks List

HotWheels monster truck series much sought after collectors today, the average Price is also more expensive than another regular Edition. Following HotWheel most wanted edition is currently:

HotWheel Series/ Car Name Subset Average / lucky Price
Hotwheels Monster Jam - Grave Digger 2017 Green Standard $20
Monster Jam Tour Favorites - Styles May Vary Standard $20
Prowler monster 4x4 actions mattel wheels 2002 Standard $20
Reptoid Mattel wheels Standard $20
Cat Bulldozer Workhorses 1979 Standard $25
Chillin' Villain Die-Cast body and chassis Standard $30
El Toro Loco Die-Cast body and chassis mega monster tires 4 wheel turning action Standard $30
Spider-Man Mattel wheels monster truck 2001 Standard $30
Obsessed 2013 Standard $30
Grave Digger Mattel wheels Die-Cast body and chassis Standard $35
Predator 2002 Standard $40
Vette King Mattel wheels Standard $40
Team Meents Monster Jam 2002 Standard $40
Airborne Ranger Mud Trucks 2011 Standard $45
Sudden Impact Mattel wheels 2001 – 2002 Standard $45
Wolverine Mattel wheels Standard $45
Jam Bustin' Loose Metal Standard $50
Grave Digger Grain Mattel wheels Die-Cast body and chassis 2001 Standard $50
The Monster Bus Metal Collections 2002 Standard $50

About Team Meents Hot Wheels Monster Jam Truck 2002:

Team Meents Monster Jam

image from:

•    Year of Manufacture: 2002
•    Vehicle Type: Monster Truck
•    Scale: 1:64
•    Country/Region of Manufacture: Thailand/ Malaysia
•    Color: Brown
•    Series: Hot Wheels Monster Jam
•    Vehicle Year: 2002
•    Recommended Age Range: 4+

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