Hot Wheels Best Sellers Prices 2018

Hot Wheels cars prices you can see below:

Price of Hot Wheels cars
Series Price
Hot Wheels Star Wars Millennium Falcon Playset $29.80
Hot Wheels Ballistik Racer Vehicle $25.86
Hot Wheels ​The Super Ultimate Garage $197.99
Hot Wheels Mega Hauler Truck $14.89
Hot Wheels Versus Track Set $29.99
Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set $49.99
Hot Wheels Color Shifters Sharkport
Showdown Trackset
Hot Wheels Marvel Spider-Man Web-Car Launcher $18.99
Hot Wheels Marvel Avengers Die-Cast Vehicle, 5-Pack $79.90
Hot Wheels Track Builder Straight Track with Car,
15 Feet - Styles May Vary
Hot Wheels Rooftop Race Garage Exclusive Playset $35.37
Hot Wheels Monster Jam Tour Favorites
Styles May Vary
Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway Track Set $45.48
Hot Wheels City Blastin' Rig $38.05
Hot Wheels Track Builder Total Turbo
Takeover Track Set
Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge Kit $34.80

All series in the list above are Hot Wheels best sellers Product. Most expensive and rare prices guide will be posted on another page. This page shows only the best selling track and hot wheels cars series.
Hot wheels products you can buy at various online stores such as amazon and ebay. One of the most suplayer amazon product offers hot weels is prime.

Here's how to Set Track Builder Total Turbo Takeover Track


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