Interstate & Other Brand deep cycle battery prices 2018

Interstate Type Description Price
GC2 6V 6 Volt Golf Cart Battery RV marine solar deep cycle $110
HD24-DP 12V Marine and RV Deep Cycle Battery $102
Interstate Batteries SRM-24 12V Deep Cycle boat batteries $120
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Other Brands:

Brand/ Type Description Price
US2200XC2 Replacement for Interstate U2000 Battery, 6-Volt Golf Cart Battery $173
AGM USAGM6V27 6V Deep Cycle Batteries, Capacity: 214 Ahr, Length: 12 inch, Width: 6.60", Height: 9.25inch $235
US125XC2 6V, 20 hr, Length : 260mm, Width : 181mm, Height : 286mm $185
US145 XC2 6V 20 hr $228
Odyssey 34-PC1500T 12V, SAE Group 34 footprint $275
Lifeline GPL-31T-2V 2V, Group Size 31 $340
UB12900 12V, Group 27 Size $195
Lifeline GPL-4CT-2V 2V, 660 Amp Hrs, Length: 10.28", Width: 7.06", Height: 12.98" Deep Cycle Batteries $340
Deka 8A27 12V, Group 27 Size, Length: 12.83 inch, Width: 6.57, Height: 9.30 inch $252

That's several brands of Deep Cycle Batteries that we often find in the market. More complete information on the product specifications above you can find on the official website. This page only displays pricing information and a glimpse of the Deep Cycle Batteries.

In addition, Interstate batteries are also available for lawn and home depot tools more. Interstate car batteries prices will be loaded on another page on this blog.


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