Costco car battery warranty

Currently, one of car batteries the shop much sought after is Costco, there are only sold Interstate Batteries. If you want to know the Costco car batteries prices, simply look at the price offered to other stores or some of which can be seen here.

Here are a few Interstate battery prices

Interstate Type Description Price
GC2 6V 6 Volt Golf Cart Battery RV marine solar deep cycle $110
HD24-DP 12V Marine and RV Deep Cycle Battery $102
Interstate Batteries SRM-24 12V Deep Cycle boat batteries $120

Please note that Interstate batteries warranties are sold at Costco just 3.5 years.

costco interstate golf cart batteries

Interstate battery prices
Interstate Type Description Price
SLA1005 12V 1.3AH SLA .187 FASTON $10.95
SLA1000 12V 700MAH SLA W/PLUG $17.95
6V 10AH Battery 6V FASTON Replacement Battery 10AH SLA .187 $18.95
SLA1015 12V FASTON 2.3AH SLA 187 $33.95
SLA1097 12V/10AH Dimensions: 7.06" x 2.56" x 5.95" $41.99
CYTX4L-BS 12V, 50 CCA $109.95
FAITZ10S 12V, 180 CCA $193.95
PF-78-5 12 V, Group Size 78 $188.95
CITX16CL-B-BS 12 V, 270 CCA $186.95

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