Insecticides Pest Control Price List 2018

Bayer Advance Home Pest Control
Contain Beta-Cyfluthrin, Use for indoe or outdoor Insect killer; kills ants in seconds, it can controls 60+ different pests. This insecticide is water-based formula.
Price $10.99.
Bayer Advance Insecticides Home Pest + Germ Control RTU.
Had unique formula will kills pest in seconds, reduce 99% germ insects my carry. Indoor protection up to 12 months. Control 60 more pests and kills hidden bugs.
2017 Price $14.49

Bodine Bed Bug Killer RTU
Kills fleas, moths, pantry pets, lice, flicks, and carpet beetles.
Price: 6.99

With 25% Add to dictionary, use for controls ants, spiders, roaches, fleas, and other household pests.
Price:$ 14.99

Ortho Home Defense Max
Use for kills bugs inside, all year keep bug out again. Kills cockroaches, ants, spider and other home pets. Fast drying, odor free, non staining, use outdoor and indoors.
Price: $6.49

Bayer Advance Carpenter Ant and termite Killer Plus
Wood destroying insects protection.
2017 Price: $ 29.99

Bayer Advance Vegetable/ Garden Insect Spray
Use for kills Japanese beetles, cutworms, aphids and other pests, also can use on lawn.
Size 6/4 OZ price: $12.99
Size 12/1 PT price:$19.99
12/1 QT = $30.99
4/75 GAL = $41.99

Use for kills ants, chinch bugs, bark beetles, boxelder bugs, gypsy moths, fleas, fire ants, mole crickets, borers, and elm leaf beetles. Contain 26% Cypermethrin.
Size 12/1 PT Price: 29.49

CSI Cyper TC
Use for controls mole crickets, fleas, ticks, chinch bugs and fire ants in lawns and lanscapes.
Size: 4/1 Gal Price; $61.99

CSI Insecticides I-G Regulator
Use for prevents/ kills roaches, ants, litter beetles, fleas, flies and certain flying insects.
Size 12/1 OZ price $7.49
6/4 OZ price $17.99

CSI Insecticides Optimate CS
For perimeter and premise pest control on, in and around commercial buildings and residential.
Size 12/1 OZ and price $12.99


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