M.I. Hummel Large Nativity Prices

Below is the M.I. Hummel Large Nativity Price List

M,I, Hummel Name Size Price
Three camel assortment $497,00
Collection large nativity complete set $3,200,00
Virgin mary $289,00
Joseph2 7,5 $289,00
King kneeling 5,5 $289,00
King kneeling with box 5,5 $289,00
King moorish 8,25 $289,00
Shepherd standing 7 $289,00
Flying angel 3,5 $269,00
Little tooter 4 $229,00
Shepherd kneeling 4,75 $229,00
Camel kneeling 5,5 $199,00
Camel laying 3,75 $199,00
Camel standing 7,5 $199,00
Infant jesus 1,5 $129,00
Donkey 4,75 $129,00
Lamb 3,25 $129,00

M.I. Hummel Large Nativity figurines Price list

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