Endless Pools Price List

Endless Pools Price List
Endless Pools Item List
PERFORMANCE ENDLESS POOL offers a faster, smoother swim current. The custom designed system uses 2 propellers to create a more efficient current that is wider and deeper than  standard system and produces a top speed of 1:05 per 100 yard
DUAL PROPULSION ENDLESS POOL Features two independent swim currents for those who wish to swim side-by-side.  13' x 14'  (3.96m x 4.26m) (standard) up to maximum 16' x 16' (4.88m x 4.88m)
ENDLESS POOL   ELITE for the highest caliber swimmers, with a 7.5 hp motor, 2 underwater  propellers, and a larger 24" x 21" (61cm x 53.34cm) outlet it creates the fastest, smoothest current  available in any swimming machine. 8' x 14' x 39" swim area (2.44m x 45.93m x 1m swim area)

Options and Accessories
MANUAL RETRACTABLE SECURITY COVERacts as a horizontal fence sealing off access to the pool water. Seals out dirt, leaves, and debris. Seals in heat and controls humidity. Safety, solar, and winter cover all in one. Meets stringent ASTM F1346 safety standards
AUTOMATIC RETRACTABLE SECURITY COVERoperates with the turn of a key offering even greater peace of mind. Meets stringent ASTM F1346 safety standards  

Wider Up to a maximum 10' (304cm) inside dimension
Longer 1 foot or 2 feet (30.5cm or 61cm) up to a maximum 16' inside dimension
Shorter 1 foot or 2 feet (30.5cm or 61cm)  designed for sites with limited space
Deeper 48" panel height – 45" water depth (122cm panel height – 114cm)
54" panel height – 51" water depth (137cm panel height – 129.5cm)
SYNTHETIC COPING offers a convenient method to finish off the top edge of your indoor Endless Pool. This 9.75" wide x 1" (25cm x 2.5cm) thick material, which is impervious to water  and mildew, comes in a variety of colours to complement any decor.
ALUMINIUM COPING offers an easy and durable way to finish the top edge of your Endless Pool. Extruded aluminium interlocked panels available with square or mitered corners and welded for maximum  strength. Perfect for indoor or outdoor installations. No time consuming fitting required.
WOOD RECEIVER provides an easy way to finish your pool with wood such as cedar 
BULLNOSE COPING for installations that utilise a concrete or tile surround at the coping

Endless Pools Price List


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