Home Depot Tools Rental Price List

Home depot rental price list

Home depotHourly ($)Daily ($)Weekly ($)Monthly ($)
Propane Tank 100lb0,2521030
Heater 150000 BTU (propane) "3,5134875
Heater Propane 225-375000 BTU"3,5134875
Pavement Line Marker1,7592884
Step Ladder 6ft2103296
Hand Tools2103296
Dolly - 4 wheel2,251240120
Screwjack 10 Ton2,251240120
Heater Propane 75-200000 BTU "83390155
Loading Ramps31756168
Baggage Cart31756168
Step Ladder 14ft3,251860180
Stairway step ladder3,251860180
Fence Stretcher Kit3,251860180
Dolly - Appliance3,52068204
Step Ladder 10ft3,752172216
Step Ladder 12ft3,752172216
Light - Wobble Work Light3,251872216
16ft Step Ladder (Heavy Duty)4,252380240
Extension Ladder 32ft4,252380240
Floodlight 1000 Watt on stand4,252380240
Heater Kerosene 550 BTU4,252380240
Extension Ladder 24ft3,752184252
Extension Ladder 40ft5,2529100300
MOLD FOGGER4,525100300
Heater Kerosene 1 550 BTU6,2535120360
Panel Lift-Drywall (5 pieces)740160480
Automatic level845150480
CST Laser Level Kit1057200600
Pressure Washer (cold) 2000 PSI9,7555220660
10ft Aluminum Break11,2563220660
Powered Stairclimbing Handtruck13,2575300900
Pressure Washer (cold) 3500 PSI17973401020

All price above is estimate price, to get real price and availability information call your local home depot rental.

home depot rental price list 2013 ca


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