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LuLaRoe’s mission is to provide an opportunity for people to create freedom by selling comfortable, affordable, and stylish clothing.  It offer Independent Fashion Retailers (“Independent Retailers” or “Retailers”) flexibility; some Independent Retailers exclusively devote their time and talents to selling our products to retail customers while others also work to build a team of Independent Retailers.  For those who build a team, whether that team consists of just one other Independent Retaileror a large group of Independent Retailers, LuLaRoe pays bonuses to them based on the sales production of their teams.  The income disclosed in this document is based solely on bonus payments made by LuLaRoe to Independent Retailers based on the sales generated by their teams.  It does not include the retail profits earned by Independent Retailers from their sales of LuLaRoe products. from:


Lularoe Skirt Price List

Lularoe skirt price list

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Lularoe dresses price list

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Focuspower F10 Mini Bluetooth

Focuspower F10 Mini Bluetooth, little headphone can do is answer calls, reject calls end calls you can do you press it and it'll switch calls or in the caller you're on and still switch to the other one.

F10 Mini Bluetooth can also dial the last number you
called. it can play and pause music, also works with like if you're watching like a Netflix video or a YouTube video by just pressing it quickly. it'll pause the video when you're ready to listen to it again you can play works well with the podcast that I listen to and it's got a listing time up to 6 hours. it also has talk time from 6 to 8 hours approximately. So if you're talking on the phone this will last approximately 6 - 8 hours.

Focuspower F10 Mini Bluetooth


  • Standby time: 200 hours
  • Product Dimensions: 0.8 x 0.5 x 0.56 inch
  • Listening Time: 7 hours at 30 - 40% volume
  • Hand free and music player
  • Frequency: 2.4G
  • Compatible with mobile phone,pad,notebook and any other Bluetooth devices
  • Charging time: 2 hours;Calling time: 6-8 hours
  • Bluetooth V4.1+EDR and range up to 10 meters on open air;
    Bluetooth earbud model: F10

Pairing Instruction :

  • Long press the Multi-function button for 5 seconds at off mode, and voice prompts "ready to pair"when the blue light flashed speed and continued.
  • Activate the Bluetooth on mobile phone, search and add new Bluetooth device from menu.
  • Select "FOCUSPOWER-F10" from Bluetooth device list on mobile phone to connect with the earphone.Voice prompt "Connected"is given after connection is completed. Now you can make phone calls and listen to music via your mobile phone.

Warm prompt:

  • The size of this Bluetooth is derived from the test date of our engineers. It can be suitable most person's ear. Please kindly understand it could be not suitable for you completely. We will be much appreciate if you would like to contact us when you find the earphone is not fit for you.
  • The Bluetooth headset is only one, not a pair but fit in either of ear.
  • If your phone can't search the Bluetooth, please kindly try to restart your phone,this Bluetooth can work for most Bluetooth device.
  • If you can't pair the Bluetooth with your phone , please make sure this headset has been going into pairing mode. (Turn the Bluetooth on and keep press the function key until the LED light flashing Blue)

Package Include:

  1. User Manual
  2. Inductive Magnet Charger
  3. FOCUSPOWER F10 earbud
  4. Eartips different sizes

Focuspower F10 Mini Bluetooth-shop-now-buy-price

Best Invisible Wireless Headphone Review, Top Invisible Headsets of 2018.

Unboxing Hot Wheels gran turismo pack

What's up hot wheelers today we have a sealed Hot Wheels gran turismo pack. It says it contains 12 pieces but the Hot Wheels Gran Turismo Set only has eight total for the whole set. Probably have some doubles in here and hopefully we have the complete set. I don't even know if it's going to include the complete set.

Hot Wheels gran turismo cars set unvoxing pack

Nicely packed inside of there take them out one by one here:

Ford GT LM
  Ford GT LM
  This one's like a matte finish on it as well it's kind of a matte black color cool-looking wheels though and look at that big rear wing on it a big Gran Turismo logo on the roof of it and look at that side and markings lots of different markings are they. at the other white lip wheel as well which is kind of cool. Big diffuser in the back as well.

Jaguar xj220
  This was a sweet car has the Gran Turismo on there as well and this is like painted on number 41 big chrome wheels on there beautiful looking machine.

Dodge Viper srt-10
  Viper those nice big chrome wheels the red stripe on there Gran Turismo logo on the side awesome looking Viper.

Pagani soirée
Pagani soiree awesome looking car. Look at that beauty and I've got the water in several other different colors this one looks awesome. Love those blacked out wheels and nothing that shows that it's Gran Turismo at least that I see it's got a kind of a unique paint job on it. Though if you look at that kind of speck on it you can see but otherwise Oh nope it does have the Gran Turismo right there and you can see that kind of cool paint job on there as well.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4
  It's kind of like a tangerine orange color, number 4 on the hoods wit gran turismo logo small on there.

Nissan Skyline GTR R32
  This one's got those white rimmed right trimming, wheels with the blacked out. Grant turismo logo is really small on there.

Aston Martin one-77
  I guess one thing common occurrence is where is the Gran Turismo logo on it but there it is on the side. Silver body colors with those gray wheels and it's a very metallic paint speckled paint, got some different markings.

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570 Superleggera
  Lamborghini looks great, lime Keaney Superleggera great details to this one, better detail than the standard ones, black wheels, orange paint job and Gran Turismo logo.

How to Assemble the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

I’m here to show you the quick and painless tutorial on how to assemble the ultimate Hot Wheels garage place up so let's just flip this box over, use the perforated edge pop over the package.

Before we start building we suggest placing batteries, three double A batteries and a small screwdriver. If you don't have them handy, we're just about ready to start building it's easier to apply the numbered stickers on these platform floors before assembly.

Stickered all the pieces I've laid all the pieces out into three distinct zones. Just like it's called out in the instructions we have zone 1 zone 2 and 3.

how to build hot eheels ultimate garage
Start with zone 1.
Here which is the base I'm going to grab a tower here and then behind the building over here. There's another spot, next we're going to grab the actual levels and you want to grab level 1 first and put it at the base and should hear an audible snap here - and then for added stability is read tower that is going to go right in the back then each level will pop right into place next let's add the sign.

You're going to snap this piece in right here, there's going to slide right into place okay now the last step in zone 1 is I'm going to attach all the pieces. That build the walls and structures of your city.

Lastly let's snap in the elevator pieces that connect right to these white pieces that stick off your towers. We've just completed zone one and now we're off to zone to finish this garage we'll start off with this great water piece here and it's going to snap in with our awesomely large Tower click snap and then your other large water piece is also going to connect to the base of the set. We're going to grab our great shark and put him in the water and then the little exit ramp will snap on right next to our shark.

Next let's build this spiral track that's going to go around our green tower. First let's grab the track piece that looks like a.j, then we're going to connect it to this spirally piece. Over here you'll see those engraved arrows on this piece we want the arrows pointed downwards and they are going to connect into the track piece right here let's attach a blue connector to the end of your JPS.

I'm going to get this piece and I'm going to connect it on right here to spot number one on the top level. the next thing I'm going to do is start to connect it to the green Tower, along the extruded track I have gray pieces they're going to allow it to connect as I spiral this around the tower. I connect it all the different arms.

The last part of this spiral slide it on like so the same thing right next to it slide those on as well. Hatch this orange piece the end of the shorter section. We're going to flip this piece over and we're going to use our gray piece and snaps into place. We're going to take this whole piece, attach it to the spiral onto this green leg here snaps into place then we'll grab this other track section here, connect it on this gray piece here is going to allow you to connect to the base of the step we'll snap that in we'll connect the blue connector to the wave. here the other is going to snap down check out this red shark, here I'm going to pull its tail back get it ready to zones down one.

zone three

  • Let's start first with this gray piece, connect it to this quarter orange circle
  • connect blue connectors on the either side
  • connect this right in the last parking spot on the first run, into the bottom base over here
  • We get to build our Raceway
  • Grab one of our blue connectors again slide that on
  • grab gray piece snap them into place
  • grab one of our dual lane track pieces, connect it to the top
  • Gab two more of those blue connectors, connect them to the end of this piece.

Now we got our super long Raceway but we still need to finish we're going to grab this great red piece here it'll tell you who's the winner so red Lane one this side so I'm going to snap this piece into the base.

Your raceway is complete, time to add on the finishing touches so I'm going to pop these in on a different level well there you have it. congratulations everybody we've completed the ultimate garage and now it's time to load up your cars the ultimate garage has room for 36 hot wheels now the hot wheels garage is filled with your favorite Hot Wheels. it's time to take a few of them for a drag each different play own triggers different lights and sound effects your Hot Wheels garage can connect with other Hot Wheels tracks and playsets the sky's the limit when it comes to customizing your own garage now we're ready to break. this set down so we can store it away and play with it another time.

Best Alternative for Leatherman Multi Tool

What's the most you'll need on a Multi-tools knife? In reality only a few frequently used parts of the tool. You are a construction worker, then the most you need is a screwdriver or pliers, while another featured such as knives and scissors on Multi-tools not particularly help your work.  For that, the price becomes a major consideration in buying multifunctional knife pliers.
Multi-tool knife that is most known currently is a Leatherman, their average Products sold $79.96. The price is not including postage. The quality is good, full stainless steel, generally consists of a Stainless Steel Plier Multi 10 in 1; needlenose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, premium replaceable hard-wire cutters, electrical crimper, wire stripper, 420hc serrated knife, saw, and spring-action scissors.
If you want to get Multi Plier Stainless Steel 10 in 1 with a cheaper price, then you have to look for alternative. One product that is much sought after at the moment is the Multi Plier INTEY Stainless Steel 10 in 1 for sale at a price of $15.95 only. Multi Plier INTEY also consists of needlenose pliers, regular, wire cutters, hard-wire cutters, electrical crimper, wire stripper, serrated knife, saw, and scissors. This model got a key ring hole we can put in belt or backpack things, the plier part spring is loaded too.
INTEY Multi Plier Stainless Steel 10 in 1 Multitool Knife Foldable Needlenose Pliers With Carry Case
INTEY Multi Plier Features:
10 features in one multi purpose tool
Locking mechanism guarantee your safety
Sturdy stainless-steel construction and blackening treatment
Carabiner multitool and durable nylon sheath for safe carry
Mini size and warranty

Best multitool alternatives that rival Leatherman
Buy It:

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks List

HotWheels monster truck series much sought after collectors today, the average Price is also more expensive than another regular Edition. Following HotWheel most wanted edition is currently:

HotWheel Series/ Car Name Subset Average / lucky Price
Hotwheels Monster Jam - Grave Digger 2017 Green Standard $20
Monster Jam Tour Favorites - Styles May Vary Standard $20
Prowler monster 4x4 actions mattel wheels 2002 Standard $20
Reptoid Mattel wheels Standard $20
Cat Bulldozer Workhorses 1979 Standard $25
Chillin' Villain Die-Cast body and chassis Standard $30
El Toro Loco Die-Cast body and chassis mega monster tires 4 wheel turning action Standard $30
Spider-Man Mattel wheels monster truck 2001 Standard $30
Obsessed 2013 Standard $30
Grave Digger Mattel wheels Die-Cast body and chassis Standard $35
Predator 2002 Standard $40
Vette King Mattel wheels Standard $40
Team Meents Monster Jam 2002 Standard $40
Airborne Ranger Mud Trucks 2011 Standard $45
Sudden Impact Mattel wheels 2001 – 2002 Standard $45
Wolverine Mattel wheels Standard $45
Jam Bustin' Loose Metal Standard $50
Grave Digger Grain Mattel wheels Die-Cast body and chassis 2001 Standard $50
The Monster Bus Metal Collections 2002 Standard $50

About Team Meents Hot Wheels Monster Jam Truck 2002:

Team Meents Monster Jam

image from:

•    Year of Manufacture: 2002
•    Vehicle Type: Monster Truck
•    Scale: 1:64
•    Country/Region of Manufacture: Thailand/ Malaysia
•    Color: Brown
•    Series: Hot Wheels Monster Jam
•    Vehicle Year: 2002
•    Recommended Age Range: 4+

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image source:

Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt 2018 List

As usual every year Hot Wheels car issued 15 which would fall into the ranks of the Super Treasure Hunt list. Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt or commonly known with the TH, TH $ Super, Hot Wheels or Rubber Tires, this is an item of hot wheels made it very special, because only the very lucky ones who can find it. Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt features such appearance with different car look ordinary items/regular, usually characterized by cat or car colors darker, have tires or wheels made of plastic, and then to Hot Wheels 2018 has a characteristic logo Fireballs-colored Gold on a blister, and TH logo on the car body. For  who can not distinguish between regular and Hot Wheels Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt, please refer to this video.

Here's a list of Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt 2018, hopefully we can get these items from the hanger, LOL

1. Dastun 620, Super Treasure Hunt HW Case/Lot A 2018

Has a distinctive green color spectra-flame, with army or camouflage, such as uniforms. Then with the series number  "73 " on the door. For TH logo is located on the hood, right between the hot wheels logo and numbers 73, did just that on the rear body there is also a logo of TH-620. Base made of black plastic, and Rubber tires. Mere information Datsun 620 start debuted on hot wheels cars in 2013, with Orange color.

Dastun 620 Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt 2018

2. '68 Chevy Nova

This Muscle Car-type, debuted on the hot wheels in 2004 First Edition. Now 2018 comes into one super treasure hunt. With purple Spectra-flame, adorned with the ' yellow Blaze'. 68 Chevy Nova also uses rubber tires like the super treasure hunt other, yellow line on the tire edge. TH logo located on the back body. It has a muscular car glass from MICA nodes, and have a red interior. ' 68 Chevy Nova is becoming Super Treasure Hunt Case/Lot B 2018.

68 Chevy Nova is becoming Super Treasure Hunt Case Lot B 2018

3. 1968 Mustang, Super Treasure Hunt - Case/Lot G 2018

One more muscle cars Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt, with his  Tooned version 1968 Mustang. It was first debuted in 2003 first edition. This time hot wheels give a different touch with this one muscle, usually muscle look dashing, well here hot wheels give a touch of  "funny ", so that 1968 Mustang looks cute, but at the front of the car remain positioned machine jutting out.

1968 Mustang, Super Treasure Hunt  CaseLot G 2018

4. 2011 IndyCar Oval Course Race Car, Super Treasure Hunt - Case/Lot F 2018

2011 IndyCar Oval Course Race Car, Super Treasrue Hunt di Case Lot F 2018

5. Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R, Super Treasure Hunt - Case/Lot E 2018

Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R Super Treasure Hunt  Case Lot E 2018

6. 2015 Ford Mustang GT, Super Treasure Hunt Case/Lot D 2018

2015 Ford Mustang GT Super Treasure Hunt Case Lot D 2018

7. Porsche 934.5, Super Treasure Hunt  Case/Lot C 2018

Porsche 934.5 Super Treasure Hunt  Case Lot C 2018
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